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About the company

Welcome to Funtime3Freddy3 Network!A game servers network sub company of Funtime3Freddy3 Records started on 13th April 2022, by the romanian music artist Funtime3Freddy3.

We are focused on offering game servers, providing a subscription called 'Pro' that gives you to the plan, the 'Pro' rank on your game username.

About ranks

Ranks wiki:

  • Name
  • Rarity
  • About
  • Member
  • Common
  • The Default rank for all new users
  • Pro
  • Uncommon
  • The pro users rank for supporting us
  • Mod
  • Rare
  • The mod rank for mods in the community
  • Admin
  • Epic
  • The admin rank is for high staff people
  • Owner (FatBear)
  • Legendary
  • Funtime3Freddy3's spot as the owner
  • How to get ranks?

  • Name
  • How to get
  • Member
  • By logging into the server
  • Pro
  • By purchasing the pro plan on your F3F3 ID and linking it in this website's settings
  • Mod
  • By making an appeal to us here
  • Admin
  • By making an appeal to us here
  • Owner
  • Can't be obtained and can only be given to the owner by himself
  • Contact

    You can contact us at [email protected] or signing the form below which is in coming soon.